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Royal Elegance is a hair care system created to protect each individual strand from thermal styling, daily manipulation and most hair routines. We offer luxurious high quality hair care products for all hair types. Our hair care system promotes growth, healthy scalp and results that last. Get ready to say goodbye to breakage, frizz and unruly hair and say hello to thriving, growing, healthy strands. 



At Royal Elegance our products are infused with non-oily silk proteins, thermal protectants and free of damaging sulfates and parabens for maximum care and bounce. Our products will help to protect, grow, minimize breakage and split ends without weighing your hair down. Our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Our intentions at Royal Elegance were to create a hair care system to protect your hair regardless the use of heated styling tools. 



Master Hair stylist, salon owner, entrepreneur, mom and now your new hair care provider Shala Brantley.

Hello everyone,
Let's talk about what inspired me to create Royal Elegance.
It all started in 2009 when I decided to wear my hair chemical free and no longer relax my hair. Although I love being natural it was a lot of work to maintain everyday. I decided to keep my hair chemical free but wear blowouts for a sleek and easier to manage look, I loved it. But that's when the drama began. At first I noticed my blowout styles were not lasting, I would straighten my hair and in the same day it would frizz and revert back into it's natural curl pattern never looking smooth. I would re-straighten with a flat iron however that was not good for my hair everyday which resulted in causing lots of breakage and heat damage, I felt defeated but I didn't give up. I started trying different products to not only make my blowouts last longer but to also protect my curl pattern and natural hair from heat trauma, nothing worked until I created a balanced system like Royal Elegance. I learned that wavy to curly hair needed to have the right leave-in products while the hair was wet and not dry. That's what makes my hair care system unique, you apply the products on clean wet hair to lock in the proper protectants and moisture for a longer lasting and protected style. If you are natural and experience frizz, breakage and results that don't last then Royal Elegance products are for you.   
Through my 15 years of professional experience, in the salon I have had many women sit in my chair and cry real tears about how unhealthy their hair is, simply because they don't know what to do or use especially my natural women. I have nourished lifeless, broken, damaged and over processed hair to thriving, growing, healthy hair all with creating the Royal Elegance system. With this  system my growth management and hair care results have been phenomenal. I am so proud to have taken part in many of my clients natural hair journeys transitioning them from relaxed to natural and giving them the knowledge and products to maintain their blowout styles while being natural. I want to continuously keep changing the way people think about wearing their natural hair and know that just because you are chemical free does not mean you cannot wear your hair sleek without damage or lasting results. My products can be used on relaxed and colored treated hair they will lock in the same protection. I am continuously working to evolve and develop my hair care brand and I look forward to new products in the future. 
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