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Are hair bundles human?

Our Cambodian bundles and closures are 100% human hair, never blended with animal hair or synthetic fibers. Our hair is manufactured straight from the donor, so each bundle is flowing in the same direction preventing tangling and shedding.


Do you sell samples?


How many bundles should I purchase?
Our hair extensions are full from weft to ends we recommend lengths 16 inch and shorter 2 bundles, 18 inch and longer 3 (depending on desired fullness).


Can this hair be worn by any race?
Yes! Our quality extensions can be worn by anyone regardless of race. Just make sure to choose the closest pattern to your own natural hair.


Can I color/highlight extensions?
Yes! Hair can be colored or bleached with proper application. Seek professional colorists for help if necessary.


Can bundles be washed?
Yes, both shampooed and conditioned.